The Only Taekwondo Kicks You Need Know

Taekwondo Kicks are the bread and butter of the sport. Whether it be competition, sparring or simply for stylistic flare, kicking has truly become synonymous with Taekwondo. Here are 6 awesome Taekwondo kicks you can master to take your Taekwondo technique to the next level.


Fundamental Taekwondo kicks
The side kick is one of the most fundamental Taekwondo kicks.



Side Kick

The Side Kick is a powerful kick for both an offensive and defensive styles of fighting. Throwing this kick from a normal fighting stance can control the distance of an opponent. This can allow you to dictate the momentum of the fight. Because it is thrown directly from the fighting stance, the Side Kick is fast and a great offensive tool. Vulnerable targets can be hit with the side kick such as the knees, chest or head. This makes it a great weapon in competition point scoring and also self-defense.





Roundhouse Kick

One of the most fundamental kicks, the Roundhouse Kick is capable of delivering powerful blows to an opponent. The rotation of the hips and (sometimes) a forward step, allows massive force to be exerted by the kicking leg. Due to the relatively longer build up for the Roundhouse Kick, it can be possible for opponents to telegraph the kick and catch the leg. For this reason, a Roundhouse Kick to the body is great as a follow-up attack in a combination when it is unexpected. Otherwise a low Roundhouse Kick to the thigh or High Roundhouse to the head can also be greatly effective.






Missed Hook Kick

A very deceptive technique, the Missed Hook Kick aims create the illusion of a missed attack followed by an unexpected kick. The position starts with a round house kick. The initial kick misses and a hook kick follows. Although the Hook Kick is not overwhelming in power, the misleading attack can be an excellent tactic in point scoring competition.






Axe Kick

Made popular for its competition effectiveness and tremendous flexibility required to perform, the Axe Kick is capable of delivering a blow with bone crushing power. The leg is raised high above the head and swung downwards (like an axe) on to the opponent. Targets in line with the falling Axe Kick include the head and chest. The vulnerable collar bone is another vulnerable target and can fracture with enough force.






Spinning Back-Kick

Similar to the Side Kick, the Spinning Back-Kick launches a fast, linear attack to a target. The added spinning motion and hip rotation adds incredible force behind the kick giving it potential to break ribs and crack jaws. Because of the motion involved, the Spinning Back-Kick requires much practice to land effectively, making this a highly advanced Taekwondo technique.






Bonus – Craziest of all Taekwondo Kicks in History

540 Kick

Watch the video. No words needed for the pinnacle of Taekwondo kicks.