7 Awesome Training Tips For Taekwondo Sparring

Whether it be for discipline, fitness or self-defense, Taekwondo sparring is the pathway to achieving these goals and shaping oneself into the athlete they envision themselves to be. Here are 6 training tips to take your Taekwondo sparring to the next level.


Taekwondo sparring requires discipline
Taekwondo sparring teaches discipline as well as self defense techniques.


  1. Get To Class

This may seem like nonsense but being consistent in your Taekwondo training is key to your success. With the compound effect of time, even with Taekwondo training just once a week can lead to significant improvement over time. Just don’t quit!



  1. Strength & Conditioning

Working on your strength and conditioning through high intensity resistance training will help you build power in your strikes and solidify your stances. This will ensure a solid foundation to build your Taekwondo technique upon. Compound exercises, which training multiple muscle groups simultaneously, are also a great addition to you Taekwondo training.



  1. Consistency of Taekwondo Sparring

Every chance you get just keep on sparring. Constant Taekwondo sparring will allow you to eliminate anxiety and build confidence. It also gives you opportunities to try new techniques and face different opponent styles. A vital part of every Taekwondo class should incorporate sparring. However, make sure when sparring during training, take care of sparring partners or you won’t have anyone to train with.



  1. Focus on Technique

Your Taekwondo technique builds upon the foundations you have established through training and sparring. Fine tuning Taekwondo Kicks and footwork, among other techniques, is a great way to maximize energy efficiency and prevent injury. Pads and bags are great tools to help perfecting techniques with high volume repetition to form a habit.



  1. Train your footwork

Attacking a stationary target is easy. Having excellent footwork is an outstanding way to avoid being an easy target. Moving your feet also allows you to control the distance between you and your opponent which effectively dictates the fight. This limits the attacks they are able to throw at you while giving you ample opportunities to step in with your own attack. Some excellent footwork drills can be done by shadow-sparring. Running sand dunes will build up the explosiveness in your feet which in turn will allow you to quickly shift and take steps.



  1. Rest your injuries

It is the nature of combat sports that make injuries inevitable. However, they do not need to hinder your Taekwondo training as much as you think. The most common Taekwondo injury occurs on the foot, where contact is made during kicks. Proper rest should always be allowed and never train through pain. Serious injuries should be treated by medical professionals who may suggest time off training. You can always continue to improve with video tutorials and reading books during your time out of the gym.



  1. Proper nutrition

All your hard work won’t pay off if you’re not getting the correct nutrition. Consume lean proteins to help muscle growth and repair. Carbohydrates will provide you with energy for all the Taekwondo Sparring you will be doing. Make sure you create a healthy, balance diet and proper resting to complement your hard work at the gym. You will find all your Taekwondo training will have paid off when you finally achieve your goals.